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Mr. Jinxy strikes again.

Mr. Jinxy bird watching

Mr. Jinxy bird watching

I had made up my mind as to where I was going to put my new bowl and pitcher but, didn’t take into account that it was not a very heavy set and my little four legged family members could easily knock it over. This morning that’s exactly what happened, a near catastrophe! Mr. Jinxy my Persian cat was bird and squirrel watching and got so excited at the sight of something outside that he bumped into my pitcher and it tipped over into the bowl.  This is not the first time that Mr. Jinxy has done such a thing so i couldn’t act surprised when i heard the clang.  Yikes…by the sound of I thought for sure it had broke/cracked or in the very least had a nice chip taken out of it but, Nothing! I was so relieved and happy. I swiftly moved his one to the hallway on a drop leaf table (no bird watching from this table) and put the original heavy bowl and pitcher set back in its original spot. Then I had to give Mr. Jinxy a bit of extra attention because all of the commotion with the clanging noise he had caused had him startled. I guess the moral for me was that something’s are better left untouched and as much as I love my “stuff”, I love my furry family members more!

Bowl and pitcher in its new spot

Bowl and pitcher in its new spot


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentines day

Happy Valentines Day!

I found some cute Valentin’s Day facts to share.

The Love Knot:  A love knot is a symbol of undying love, as it’s twists and loops have no beginnings and no ends.

The phrase “wear your heart on your sleeve” comes from the middle ages. Men and women would pin the name of their Valentine on their sleeve and wear it.  Doing so would make it easier to show one’s true feelings, hence the phrase “wear your heart on your sleeve”.

The Valentine’s Day boxes were first introduced in 1868 by Richard Cadbury.

I hope everyone gets to spend today with the one’s closest to them.

Well now I went and did it….

I keep telling myself that I don’t need (operative word being “need”) another bowl and pitcher set but, I went and did it again. I don’t know what gets the better of me when it comes to these pieces of pottery, I just can’t resist. This new addition has yet to arrive but, I already have the perfect spot for it…I’m going to replace the blue and white set that sits in my front window for this brown speckled one. I’ve convinced myself that it will go much better with my colors in that room (so it kind of justifies this needless purchase). Pictures will follow….Is there anything that you know you should not buy anymore of but, just can’t help yourself?

Blue and white bowl & pitcher

Hello pretty kitties

Fiona and Mr. Jinxy Cat Napping 

My cats are apart of my little family and they take full advantage of having a comfy country home! They snuggle in baskets, sit on my stools and bird watch, and cat nap on my quilts! Ever notice when you bring something new into your house that they always have to check it out and I mean immediately check it out. Curious ones aren’t they?

Mason jar candy dispensers

image      image
I had to talk about these cute Folk art candy dispensers.  I just love them!  They are a perfect vessel for holding my favorite mint m&m’s that I always buy around Christmas time. Unfortunately right now these mason jars are all empty…I think it’s time to browse the candy isle!

Dough bowl find


Here is an updated photo of my dough bowl, this time Mr. Jinxy,my sweet cat has found a new place to curl up and in his place sits a prim doll and a rolling pin.

Dough bowl with legs.

This was a dough bowl with three spindle legs (minus the cats) that I found on a treasure outing with my sister in-law this past summer. She took me to one of her favorite spots, there were antique dealers with their tents and goodies just waiting for us. On this adventure I also found a slanted foot stool, I’m assuming it was to shine shoes or something of that nature. I’ll post a picture of it. The seat of the foot stool had very pretty embroidery that caught my eye. My sister in-law found a small secretary desk that she took home and decorated with all of her prim finds! It was a great day for both of us. I have to keep telling myself that spring is right around the corner and so are the outdoor sales. Let’s all hope Punxsutawney Phil, the King of the Groundhogs is right. Hey, one can only hope….right?

Pitchers, Pitchers, Pitchers!

corner cabinet with pitchers 003I’ve finally filled my corner cabinet with a collection of pitchers. I’m kind of sad that it is full but, that only means that I can start adding them to other places in my home! I have a shelf that I want to build and expand my collection there. Pictures will follow once that project is started. First I have to find as many pitchers that i can in various sizes, mainly ironstone and the main color being white but, I’m not opposed to a flower here and there. Gravy boats, creamers, and sm- med-large pitchers are what I’m on a treasure hunt for. Did you ever find something that you really love to collect and cannot get enough of? I guess these are my guilty pleasure at the moment.