Finished hutch project!

Take a look at the finished product and before photos.

Top of hutch before paint

It’s been a busy summer so I didn’t keep up with telling everyone about the projects that I started, sorry about that.  I found a two piece hutch at a barn sale that I was admiring and I must say it was in dire straits!  The guy who was running the sale said that he noticed that I kept going back over to it and if I was interested in it, he’d give me a good deal.  Well of course I said yes I liked it but, number one …could I fit it in my car and number much was he asking.  I could hardly believe my ears when he said $5.00 and I’ll help you load it.  I was beyond thrilled, it was a steal.  So after exchanging the money and a big smile.  We loaded it in my car, thank God for fold down seats!  I got it home in a jiffy and cleaned it up.  Now came the hard part, deciding whether to paint it or stain and seal it.  After much debating, I went with the idea to paint it.  I had to wait a couple of days to really get working on it because we had some rainy weather up here but, that was alright because it gave me some time to think of what color I wanted to paint it.  I decided on a softer shade green and headed to Lowes.  I looked through the paint samples and found the shade that I thought would be perfect.  I then went to the paint counter and on the floor the clerk had a few cans of “Oops” paint.  “Oops” paint is paint that a customer has mixed up and decides that they dislike the shade or color and don’t purchase the can.  Well lo and behold there was a shade of green that I was looking for and it was a gallon sized can that was once $32.98 marked down to $5.00.  I could have done a victory dance in the store but, I contained myself!  Needless to say that can of paint came home with me and I got straight to work on my treasure.  I sanded both the top and the bottom down and then primed it with a Kiltz brand primer.  I let it dry for a full day…no need to rush.  Then I painted it two coats of my beautiful shade of green.  I wanted it to look a little shabby and antiqued so I took some sand paper and sanded where I thought normal wear would be.  I then put some antiquing glaze on it, to give it more of an older look.  I loved the final result.  I will post pictures of before and after.  I’m going to scour the flea markets for some glass knobs to go on the drawer.  Right now the drawer has no hardware, I have the original wooden knobs but, think the glass ones will really go well.  It was a fun painting project, I wouldn’t mind finding another piece of furniture to work on.  Hope you
like the finished product!

Bottom of hutch before paint