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Happy First Day of Summer!

Happy first day of summer to all.  Here on Broome Street the first official day of summer will be in full swing with the temps. rising well into the high 90’s…Yikes!!  We are having a mini heat wave here for a couple of days.  Staying cool and hydrated is a must!  Enjoy these lazy summer days…it goes by so fast.


Town wide yard sale day!

Yesterday was a town wide yard sale day in my neck of the woods.  I woke up charged and ready to go at 6:00 a.m.  but, of course I had to wait until 8:00 a.m. to venture outdoors to in search of that one great find.  After 2 cups of coffee and a whole lot of peeking out my windows, watching neighbors set up their tables.  I knew it was time to grab my recyclable shopping tote, umbrella, and change purse and start my mission considering, I was already armed with comfortable sneakers, sweat jacket and ambition. When I saw one of my fellow early birds across the street at my neighbor’s sale scanning the tables, I knew it was time to initiate operation yard sale day!  My mother in-law arrived right on time and so our adventure began.  I was in search of anything  country/prim/or even vintage for my  house  and my mother in-law was on a hunt for treasures of glassware, vintage/antique christmas ornaments etc.  Not long after we started mother nature gave us a little dose of liquid sunshine but, because we are little pioneers, we forged ahead undeterred and eventually the drizzly rain caught on as to who was in charge…. yes, that would be the two ladies with umbrellas praying for the clouds to give us mercy and eventually they did.  My first find was a $2.00 bean pot. I was thrilled, this is right up my alley.  After that first stop things only got better.  I added to my treasure trove a set of blue and white Pyrex bowls for $5.00, a brown glass medicine bottle for $1.00, a wooden meat mallet for $1.50, two cast iron pans for $0 .25 cents ea., a vintage red enameled Dansk dutch oven made in france for $0.50 cents, a cast iron little statue of horse and buggy for $0.25 cents, a box full of autumn garlands,a wreath and picks for $5.00,  two small glass milk bottles for $1.00 ea., a rolling-pin with red handles for $2.00, clear glass medicine bottle for $1.00, vintage nut chopper $2.00,  2 handmade crocheted doilies and 1 table runner for $1.00 ea., a little wooden stand for only $1.00, a Phaltgraff  folk art pattern little crock for $0.25 cents, a made in England Jubilee model vintage cream maker for $2.00,  1 large clear class mason jar for $1.00, and 1 white and blue enameled flour canister for $2.00.  My mother in-law treated me to a crystal cream pitcher and sugar bowl, two crystal salt cellars, 3 peach colored carinval glass leaf-shaped candy dishes, and two hand painted ceramic Christmas angels.  Not only did I get to add a few things to my cache of treasures but, I had a wonderful morning  spending time with my mother in-law . Despite the little bit of rain we had, it was a great day.  I will try to post pictures of my trove of great finds soon.

Country and Primitive decorating give a warm, cozy feel to your home

Schoolboy Blue painted roomI really believe your home should be about comfort. I don’t want to own a sofa that I cannot put my feet up on and relax. I want a home to live in ,not just look at. It’s Always fun to decorate with older things, flea market finds etc… and make them your own.

Good morning from Broome Street

White drop leaf tableGood morning.  I woke up today hoping it would be sunny but, it’s kind of teeter tottering on whether or not mother nature is going to grant me my wish.  No matter, I’ll make the best of what the day holds for me!  Now, on to my new find for the week…while I was scouring through some ads I found an antique drop leaf table for sale for only $10.00.  I emailed the seller a couple of times before she finally responded.  It was supposed to go in her garage sale this upcoming weekend but, she listed it early and so of course I couldn’t resist.  I asked if I could come and see it, knowing in the back of my mind that this table was coming home with me no matter what.  It was fairly slender and not too big, perfect for and entryway or hallway.  My new little find was painted white and in great need of a cleaning but, I know it has great possibilities for displaying some of my other treasures from around my house.  I’m not sure whether or not I will paint it although, I’m definitely going to scuff it up with some sandpaper and distress it a bit more than it already is.  I will post a picture of it. Have fun exploring your day!

I decided to adorn my table with a bowl and pitcher on a cute cross stitch runner. On the wall above the table I put a framed piece of quilt, to give an added bit of color and softness.

Mason Jars…

I’ve started collecting mason jars mostly clear ones but, my faves are the blue ones with the wire bail lids.  I’m on the hunt for the ever elusive purple one.  I’ve seen them on ebay but, I’m holding out to see if I can find one locally….If not then I’ll have to break down and bid on one.

Mason jars and Medicine bottles

Mason Jars

Mason Jar Collection

I have since added to my Mason jar collection and also mixed in some old medicine bottles. It’s amazing to find old elixir bottles…makes you wonder what ailments they were used for.

Hello world!

Hi I’m new the world of blogging and really don’t know what I’m doing but, I figured why not give it a whirl.  I created this blog because I love  country/ primitive decorating and  I’m always looking for new treasures (as I like to call them) at antique stores, ebay, flea markets, etc….Sometimes you come across things you never knew existed or that you never knew you wanted!  I love those trash to treasure moments when you find something that you know has the potential to be something great.  Well I hope I learn to navigate this blogging escapade that I’m on!